5 Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Rome – and One About to Be

You certainly won’t go hungry in Rome. Even the most ordinary-looking trattoria will serve up a delicious plate of pasta, and sometimes a simple slice of takeaway pizza can be satisfying enough.

But if you’re looking for something more – a meal that’s truly memorable – we recommend booking a table at a Michelin star restaurant. There are currently 17 in Rome, which means there’s probably one just round the corner from your apartment.

To qualify for a Michelin star, a restaurant has to offer something outstanding – not only high-quality ingredients, but also mastery of cooking techniques.

So, if you’re a food-lover looking to make the most of your Roman holiday, an evening at a Michelin restaurant is a must.

These are our recommendations for the best of the best. If you’re staying at one of our apartments, make sure you ask your concierge to book a table well in advance!

© La Pergola

The Most Famous – La Pergola

La Pergola at the Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria is perhaps the most renowned restaurant in Rome.

By Michelin standards, it’s the best, as it’s currently the city’s only three-star restaurant. Run by Heinz Beck, one of the most renowned chefs in fine dining, it’s famous for its creative cuisine.

Dishes include “venison loin with spiced spelt, tubers, chamomile milk cream emulsion” and “char, razor clam milk and black elderberry powder” – like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

The wine cellar is another draw – around 60,000 bottles – while the terrace offers spectacular views across Rome.

A restaurant for a very special occasion, where a 10-course tasting menu with a wine pairing costs around €600 per person.

© Il Pagliaccio

Most Creative – Il Pagliaccio

Located in the heart of Rome’s historic center, Il Pagliaccio is run by the celebrated chef Anthony Genovese. It’s known for its tasty, innovative dishes, blending Mediterranean cuisine with Asian influences.

The 14-course tasting menu “Parallels Experience” features quirky dishes such as “Movements, Flows and Flavors,” (eggnog, cauliflower and caviar) and “Eel Hunting” (hazelnuts, cheese and citrus fruits). The concept here is food as theatre – the first dish is named “The curtain,” and the last “The last act.”

The wine is also intended to be part of the performance. There’s an impressive wine list, and pairings are carefully curated to add to the experience. 

© Acquolina

Best Seafood – Acquolina

Under the helm of chef Daniele Lippi, Acquolina was recently awarded its second Michelin star.

It’s perhaps the best seafood restaurant in Rome, not just for the exceptional quality and freshness of the food, but also for its creativity.

Inventive dishes include cacio e pepe with a fishy twist, and blue lobster with Marsala wine and tarragon.

One of the two tasting menus, “Anabasi Catabasi,” takes inspiration from history and ancient traditions. It includes a version of garum (a fish condiment used across the Mediterranean in ancient times), and red prawn with fermented ewe milk.

Acquolina also has an excellent wine list, and special signature cocktails such as Costa Merlata (vodka, tomato and fermented anchovy).

© Aroma

Most Amazing View – Aroma

Aroma would be worth a visit for the view alone – the Colosseum is right there, in front of your table. While you dine on the terrace you have an unobstructed view of the monument in all its glory, just across the street.

And the food is just as special. There are several wonderful tasting menus, including a vegetarian option (not always easy to find in Rome). Aroma also offers a twist on the traditional Roman carbonara – the “shaken” carbonara, which recently went viral.

Blending tradition and innovation and boasting a stunning view of the Colosseum, this may well be the ultimate Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome. Our Colosseum Penthouse is also mere steps away and offers its own spectacular (and private) views of the world’s most majestic monument.

© Orma

Best Design – Orma

Tucked away in one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in Rome, close to Villa Borghese, you’ll find Rome’s newest Michelin-star restaurant. Just several months after opening, Orma was added to the Michelin guide for 2024.

The interior is refreshingly contemporary, with natural shades and materials, and a space designed to make the most of natural light. The concept here is architettura sensoriale, or “sensory architecture.”

In other words, this is a restaurant where the design contributes to the dining experience, making it even more special.

The food is an intriguing mix of Italian cuisine with some more exotic influences. One tasting menu begins with endive, plantain and truffle, followed by chawanmushi (a savoury egg custard dish) with coconut and shellfish.

All in all, Orma is an excellent option if you’re looking for something a bit different – innovative fine dining in a stylish setting.

© Ineo/Hotel Anantara Palazzo Naiadi

The Next Michelin Restaurant? – Ineo

Ineo doesn’t have a Michelin star yet. But in our opinion, it’s just a matter of time. Head chef Heros De Agostinis was mentored by La Pergola’s Heinz Beck, and he’s worked in numerous Michelin-star restaurants.

He’s now in charge of Ineo, a luxurious restaurant located in a 5-star hotel in Piazza della Republica. Here, you’ll find a range of intriguing dishes that reflect De Agostinis’s international tastes.

For instance, veal with chicory (very Roman) comes with avocado sauce and coriander. Similarly, the most traditional of Italian dishes – risotto – is livened up with some Indonesian spice.

With its fresh approach to gourmet cuisine, Ineo is a strong contender for next year’s Michelin list.

Definitely one to watch!

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