Live Like Caesar – The Modern Emperor’s Roman Retreat

Imagine a Roman emperor – Julius Caesar…Augustus…Nero…take your pick!

Now, imagine that one of these emperors was alive today, looking for a home away from home.

Where would he stay? What kind of place would he choose as a base?

A notoriously extravagant ruler like Nero or Caligula would demand the best of the best – a huge space that’s lavishly decorated.

Someone more serious like Hadrian or Marcus Aurelius might want a quiet, secluded place where they can work and study undisturbed.

Then there are qualities that any emperor would look for, such as a central, strategic location, with easy access to the city.

Luckily, we’ve got just the property – a home fit for an emperor…or anyone else who needs to work while in Rome.

It’s a luxurious apartment in the heart of the city – The Terraces at the Capitoline.

The Perfect Location

One of the main draws is the central location.

A Roman emperor would want to be in the middle of it all, within reach of all the most important places in the city, from temples to town squares. Perhaps they’d like to watch a triumphal procession in the Roman Forum, or pay a visit to their other residence – a palace on the Palatine Hill.

The Terraces is perfectly located. It’s right in the center of Rome, on the edge of Piazza Venezia. Just as all roads lead to Rome, it could be said that all roads in Rome lead to Piazza Venezia – the bustling center of the Eternal City.

Nearby, just a five-minute walk away, is the Roman Forum – the center of daily life in ancient Rome, and the location of several important government buildings.

In addition, just across the road from the Terraces apartment are two sweeping flights of steps – one leading to the 6th-century Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, and the other to the top of the Capitoline Hill.

The Capitoline was the site of the most important temple in ancient Rome – the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Today, it’s home to one of the city’s best collections of ancient art (the Capitoline Museums), as well as the mayor’s office.

In other words, the Capitoline has always been a place of power and culture. And it’s right there, on the emperor’s doorstep.

A Sense of History

Perhaps some emperors would be drawn to something modern – a flashy new five-star hotel. But on the whole, Roman leaders valued the past.

They were very much aware of their ancestry, and the city’s ancient history, starting with the myth of Romulus and Remus.

For instance, the emperor Augustus was famously a fan of Virgil’s Aeneid. This epic poem tells the story of the hero Aeneas, the mythological founder of Rome. Emperors liked to think of themselves as part of an ancient dynasty, and part of Roman history.

That’s another reason why our emperor would feel right at home at the Terraces. There aren’t many modern touches (apart from conveniences like air conditioning and wi-fi). Instead, they’re surrounded by reminders of the past – a real sense of history.

In addition to the historical sites nearby, from the Capitoline Hill to the Colosseum, there’s also the story of the apartment itself.

The Terraces occupies the top floors of a Baroque palace, and the apartment has a long and fascinating history.

It once belonged to one of Rome’s most famous noble families, the Colonnas. This family played an important role in Roman history, with members including the medieval pope Martin V, as well as other church and political leaders.

For centuries, the Terraces has represented power and privilege. What better base for an emperor?

A Palatial Space

Our emperor would most likely look for somewhere that’s both spacious and secluded… not to mention luxurious. There aren’t many hotel rooms that would fit the bill, but the Terraces is perfect.

Considering that it’s a city center apartment, it’s remarkably spacious. Multiple rooms and terraces are spread out over three floors, making it ideal for entertaining. Whether the emperor is hosting banquets or meeting with other leaders, there’s a space for every occasion. In fact, there’s even a watchtower, built in the 19th century by Duke Mario Massimo as his very own personal astronomical observatory

The apartment is also bound to impress, with its spectacular views across the city, as well as its beautiful interior design and furnishings.

Emperors always wanted to make a good impression, showing off their wealth and taste. Just think of Nero’s palace, the Domus Aurea. Decorated with gold leaf and mosaics, the palace also boasted an octagonal dining room with a revolving ceiling and a 35-meter-high bronze statue of the emperor.

Admittedly, the Terraces isn’t quite that opulent. But it’s still luxurious enough to satisfy the refined tastes of an emperor.

The apartment is decorated with marbles, hand-painted frescoes, and the most beautiful antique furnishings. In the dining room is a replica of a table once owned by King Louis XVI of France, while the living room displays an elegant piece of antique furniture from Japan.

Of course, these are all details that the emperor would appreciate himself. But even more importantly, perhaps, he would enjoy dazzling his guests…

Looked After in Luxury

So, we’ve found a spacious apartment that’s conveniently located, steeped in history, and beautifully decorated and furnished. It seems like the perfect place for an emperor.

But before the handover of the keys, there’s still one more factor to consider – services.

Our emperor is a busy man, whether he’s rushing around Rome or working from home, overseeing his empire. He could do with some help, and he undoubtedly likes the feeling of being looked after, or even pampered.

Fortunately, the Terraces can offer all this as well. Another standout feature of the apartment is the incredible quality of the services and amenities.

As well as the daily breakfast and housekeeping services, the emperor can enjoy the assistance of his concierge, both before and during his stay at the Terraces. There’s no need to worry about getting opera tickets or booking tables at Michelin restaurants – the concierge will take care of it all.

With dedicated staff to look after him, the emperor can make the most of his time in Rome. Maybe he’ll try one of the bespoke services on offer, such as a guided run through the city center.

Or perhaps he’ll simply relax on the terrace with a glass of wine, enjoying the view as he gazes out over the city – his city.

Your Turn for an Imperial Experience

If you fancy living like a Roman emperor, it’s your turn to try the Terraces. It truly is the perfect base – a place where you can combine work and leisure on your next trip to Rome.

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